Digital Screens for Healthcare
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Reduce Perceived waiting times with waiting room digital signage

Digital screens offer a valuable solution to reducing perceived waiting times in waiting rooms and hospitals. By providing engaging and informative content, these screens serve as a distraction for patients, redirecting their focus from the passage of time.

Patients can watch entertaining videos, educational materials, or interactive content, which not only eases boredom but also creates a more pleasant waiting experience.

Additionally, the screens can display real-time updates on appointment schedules, wait times, and the current status of the queue, keeping patients informed and setting clear expectations. This transparency helps alleviate the anxiety associated with uncertainty. 

Promote Healthy Living Campaigns with Digital Screens

Digital screens offer hospitals an effective platform to promote healthy living campaigns and engage with patients, staff, and visitors. Hospitals can utilize these screens to display informative content about various health topics, such as nutrition, exercise, stress management, and preventive health measures.

Engaging visuals, interactive quizzes, and educational videos can effectively convey the importance of healthy living.

Hospitals can also use the screens to showcase success stories and testimonials from patients who have embraced healthy lifestyle changes. Furthermore, these digital displays can advertise upcoming health events, wellness workshops, and support groups, encouraging active participation and community engagement. 

Use digital screens to promote hospital hygiene

Digital screens offer a powerful tool for promoting hospital hygiene and reinforcing infection control practices. Hospitals can use these screens strategically to display educational content about proper handwashing techniques, the importance of using hand sanitisers, and the significance of wearing personal protective equipment (PPE).

Interactive demonstrations on the screens can engage staff and visitors in learning about the correct way to sanitize hands and follow other hygiene protocols.

Hospitals can also use the screens to provide timely reminders about infection prevention measures, such as covering coughs and sneezes and practicing social distancing. Furthermore, digital displays can highlight the hospital's cleanliness initiatives and showcase the efforts taken to maintain a safe and sanitized environment.


of hospitals now provide digital communication systems


of physicians believe the IoT can help reduce the burden on Doctors and Nurses 


of hospital patients say digital screens enhance the hospital experience and provide helpful information


of patients get helpful health information from digital signage when installed in a hospital or healthcare environment 


of patients spend a significant amount of time interacting with a hospitals digital content 

Digital screens for healthcare

Using digital screens in a healthcare environment, such as hospitals, pharmacies, surgeries and walk in centres, offers a wide range of benefits that improve patient experience, communication, and operational efficiency.

Patient Education and Communication: Digital screens can be used to display important health information, educational content, and health tips for patients and visitors. This helps in educating patients about their conditions, treatment options, and preventive measures, fostering better health outcomes and patient empowerment.

Real-time Updates and Alerts: Digital screens can provide real-time updates on wait times, appointment schedules, and other relevant information, reducing patient anxiety and frustration. Additionally, they can display emergency alerts, public health announcements, and important notices, ensuring critical information reaches everyone in the healthcare facility promptly.

Wayfinding and Navigation: In large healthcare facilities, digital screens can serve as wayfinding tools to help patients and visitors navigate the complex layout easily. They can display interactive maps and directions to different departments, enhancing overall patient experience and reducing confusion.

Pharmacy Promotions and Services: Pharmacies can use digital screens to promote specific medications, health products, and services offered. This helps in increasing awareness about available options and potentially driving sales.

Entertainment and Distraction: Digital screens in waiting areas can offer entertainment options like TV shows, news, or engaging content, helping to reduce patient anxiety and provide a pleasant distraction during waiting times.

Queue Management: In busy healthcare environments, digital screens can display patient queue numbers and estimated wait times, streamlining patient flow and improving efficiency.

Multilingual Communication: Digital screens can display information in multiple languages, catering to a diverse patient population and ensuring effective communication with all patients and visitors.

Promotion of Health Campaigns: Hospitals and pharmacies can use digital screens to promote health campaigns, vaccination drives, and other public health initiatives, encouraging patients to participate in preventive health measures.

Environmental Friendliness: Using digital screens reduces the need for printed materials, contributing to a more eco-friendly and sustainable healthcare environment.

Overall, integrating digital screens in hospitals and pharmacies improves patient engagement, communication, and convenience, ultimately enhancing the quality of healthcare services provided.

Economical Budget Professional Digital Screen Economical Budget Professional Digital Screen
4K Economy Professional Digital Screen Monitor - 43" - 55"

A budget friendly advertising Display screen with impressive 4K display. Screen only option or upgrade to a media player & CMS. Available from 19 - 55".

from £518.40 (inc vat)
£432.00 (ex vat)

4K Large Format Commercial Display Screen 4K Large Format Commercial Display Screen
4K Large Format Commercial Display Screens 65" - 86"

4K Professional Large Format Commercial Digital Display Screens in sizes 65", 75" and 86". 24/7 Usage with built in media player and optional network upgrade giving you complete control

from £1,395.60 (inc vat)
£1,163.00 (ex vat)

up to 30% off
10 10
10" POS Android Digital Display

10" POS Android Digital Advertising Screen Display with WIFI access. Digital display ideal for retail, hotel reception, room booking. Commercial grade screen for 24/7 use

from £276.00 (inc vat)
£230.00 (ex vat)

Giant Tablet Design Interactive Digital Touch Screen Giant Tablet Design Interactive Digital Touch Screen
Digital PCAP Touch Screen Giant Tablet Display 22" - 55"

A large digital touch screen or wayfinding display perfect to encourage customer interaction. Landscape or portrait orientation available.

from £660.00 (inc vat)
£550.00 (ex vat)

Digital PCAP Floorstanding Touch Screen Digital PCAP Floorstanding Touch Screen
Freestanding Digital PCAP Touch Screen Posters - 50" - 55"

Freestanding Digital Touch Screens with PCAP touch. Designed for 24/7 commercial use and housing an android media player. Perfect for customer interaction.

from £2,796.00 (inc vat)
£2,330.00 (ex vat)

High Vibrance Digital Advertising Screen High Vibrance Digital Advertising Screen
High Vibrance Android Advertising Screens 43" - 55"

High vibrance android wayfinding digital screens. Perfect for internal application in brightly lit areas. Available as Plug and Play system or with Network CMS Connection

from £906.00 (inc vat)
£755.00 (ex vat)

4K Interactive Touch Screen Whiteboard 4K Interactive Touch Screen Whiteboard
Interactive 4K Touch Display Whiteboard Screen with MeetingPad

A fantastic, interactive 4K touch screen interactive display with MeetingPad software, perfect for business meetings and educational settings as a digital whiteboard meeting screen.

from £1,366.80 (inc vat)
£1,139.00 (ex vat)

up to 26% off
LCD Video Wall Displays LCD Video Wall Displays
LCD Video Wall Display 49" or 55"

LCD Video Wall Display Screens. Automatic tilling of the screens to create one image, brackets for wall mounting, super narrow bezel. Available with either 49" or 55" screen sizes

from £532.80 (inc vat)
£444.00 (ex vat)

Meeting Room Booking Calendar Screen Meeting Room Booking Calendar Screen
Meeting Room Booking Calendar Screen - Workplace Scheduling

An interactive meeting room screen designed for workplaces and offices to display meeting room calendar and allow for ad-hoc meetings to be booked on the spot.

£868.74 (inc vat)
£723.95 (ex vat)

Professional Digital Screen Monitor Professional Digital Screen Monitor
Professional Monitor Digital Advertising Screen 32" to 55"

A cost-effective, high quality professional digital display screen designed for use 24/7. Perfect for use as wayfinding or digital advertising display with integrated speakers and full high definition 1080p

from £438.00 (inc vat)
£365.00 (ex vat)

Slimline Digital Advertising Display Screen Slimline Digital Advertising Display Screen
Slimline Digital Display Advertising Screen 19 - 55"

Digital Advertising Display screen with a built-in HD media player. Simply load your media onto a USB stick, plug and play. Available from 19 - 55". Optional Network connection available.

from £408.00 (inc vat)
£340.00 (ex vat)

Super Slim Digital Advertising Poster Display Super Slim Digital Advertising Poster Display
Superslim Double Sided Freestanding Poster Display Screens

Our Superslim Double Sided Freestanding Digital Display Screens are ultra modern and packed with incredible features. Perfect for wayfinding, advertising and use in retail environments.

from £3,204.00 (inc vat)
£2,670.00 (ex vat)

Giant 65 Giant 65
65" Giant Slimline Freestanding 4K Digital Screen Poster

A giant 65" Freestanding 4K Digital Advertising Display Screen poster. Optional Network upgrade available. Digital Wayfinding options available

from £4,290.00 (inc vat)
£3,575.00 (ex vat)

Digital screen with vinyl logo
Digital Screen Vinyl Logo Branding

Add personalised branding to your digital screen with our vinyl logo printing service!

from £66.00 (inc vat)
£55.00 (ex vat)

Digital Screen Poster Digital Screen Poster
Freestanding Android Digital Screen Posters - 50" - 55"

Freestanding Digital Screen Posters. Designed for 24/7 commercial use and housing an android media player. Available in 50, 55

from £2,298.00 (inc vat)
£1,915.00 (ex vat)

Network Media Player Network Media Player
Network Media Players

A selection of network media players from available in HD or 4K to transform almost any TV into a digital signage display.

from £396.00 (inc vat)
£330.00 (ex vat)

Double Sided Ultra High Brightness Window Screen Double Sided Ultra High Brightness Window Screen
Ultra High Brightness Double Sided Digital Poster Advertising Screen

A ceiling handing, double sided digital advertising screen with optional floor stand. Ultra high brightness panel, perfect for use in windows and viewable in direct sunlight.

from £3,270.00 (inc vat)
£2,725.00 (ex vat)

DV-LED Totem Screen DV-LED Totem Screen
Freestanding DV-LED Totems

Benefit from the stunning visuals direct view LED's offer with this versatile freestanding totem on castor wheels! Our LED technology allows for multiple displays to be connected to create extra large displays!

from £1,998.60 (inc vat)
£1,665.50 (ex vat)