Digital Screens for Universities
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Why go digital at your university?

Digital signage offers universities a dynamic and efficient way to disseminate information to their campus community. With real-time updates, universities can share important announcements, event schedules, campus news, and emergency alerts instantly, ensuring students, faculty, and staff stay informed and connected.

Interactive touch screen displays in key areas enable universities to provide wayfinding assistance, campus maps, and personalized services, enhancing the overall student experience and reducing navigation challenges.

Utilizing digital signage screens also allows universities to promote campus events, academic programs, student achievements, and community engagement initiatives, fostering a vibrant and engaging campus atmosphere that reflects the institution's modern and tech-savvy image.

Harness digital technology for university wayfinding

University campuses are growing and along with that the requirement for excellent wayfinding and navigation. 

Digital signage is the perfect medium to guide students, staff and visitors through your campus with ease.  Interactive touch screens can revolutionise university wayfinding and allow visitors to fully understand their location, and the route they need to take to get to their destination. 

With real-time updates and scheduling at the click of a button, it's quick and easy to update content and messages should event locations change or to promote visiting lectures. 

a complete solution

Signbox have over 38 years experience in providing excellent signage and wayfinding solutions. 

Our expert team will manage the process from start to finish, offering full project management.  We will recommend the best screen for your application and can provide full content design.  Alongside this, we offer a full installation service and lifetime technical support to ensure you are up and running straight away. 

Take the stress away from going digital and let Signbox offer full project management, training and support. 


of universities see the use of digital signage in education as crucial for communication


of educational institutions have installed digital signage display screens


of students prefer to receive information via a digital platform


of information transmitted to the brain is visual


more views of visual information compared to text-based information

Digital Advertising Screens for Universities 

Using digital screens in a university offers a wide range of benefits, revolutionising the learning experience for students and educators alike. Some of the key advantages include:-

  • Enhanced Engagement: Digital screens capture students' attention and make learning more interactive and engaging. Multimedia content, interactive quizzes, and educational videos help students grasp complex concepts and retain information effectively.

  • Visual Reinforcement: Visual aids play a crucial role in knowledge retention. Digital screens allow educators to present content in visually appealing formats, reinforcing key points, and making abstract concepts more tangible and relatable.

  • Dynamic and Updatable Content: Digital screens enable educators to update content easily and instantly, ensuring that students have access to the latest information. This flexibility allows for quick adaptations to curriculum changes.

  • Personalized Learning: Digital screens facilitate personalized learning experiences. With interactive screens, students can progress at their own pace, accessing additional resources, and receiving immediate feedback. Adaptive learning software can tailor content to individual needs, promoting more effective learning outcomes.

  • Collaboration and Communication: Digital screens encourage collaboration and foster teamwork and communication skills. They can be used for group projects, presentations, and interactive discussions, promoting a more inclusive and participatory classrooms.

  • Access to Online Resources: Digital screens provide access to a wealth of online resources, such as e-books, educational websites, and multimedia content. This expands the learning possibilities, offering a vast array of supplementary materials and interactive tools.

  • Remote Learning and Blended Learning: Digital screens support remote learning and blended learning models. They enable educators to deliver lessons remotely, engage with students, and provide access to educational materials outside of the classroom.

  • Environmental Sustainability: By reducing the need for printed materials, digital screens contribute to environmental sustainability. Going digital minimises paper waste, conserves resources, and promotes a greener educational environment.

Overall, the integration of digital screens in a university enhances student engagement, facilitates personalised learning, encourages collaboration, and opens up new possibilities for interactive and immersive learning experiences. By harnessing the power of technology, educators can create dynamic and engaging classrooms that inspire a lifelong love for learning.

Economical Budget Professional Digital Screen Economical Budget Professional Digital Screen
4K Economy Professional Digital Screen Monitor - 43" - 55"

A budget friendly advertising Display screen with impressive 4K display. Screen only option or upgrade to a media player & CMS. Available from 19 - 55".

from £518.40 (inc vat)
£432.00 (ex vat)

4K Large Format Commercial Display Screen 4K Large Format Commercial Display Screen
4K Large Format Commercial Display Screens 65" - 86"

4K Professional Large Format Commercial Digital Display Screens in sizes 65", 75" and 86". 24/7 Usage with built in media player and optional network upgrade giving you complete control

from £1,395.60 (inc vat)
£1,163.00 (ex vat)

up to 30% off
Professional Digital Screen Monitor Professional Digital Screen Monitor
Professional Monitor Digital Advertising Screen 32" to 55"

A cost-effective, high quality professional digital display screen designed for use 24/7. Perfect for use as wayfinding or digital advertising display with integrated speakers and full high definition 1080p

from £438.00 (inc vat)
£365.00 (ex vat)

Slimline Digital Advertising Display Screen Slimline Digital Advertising Display Screen
Slimline Digital Display Advertising Screen 19 - 55"

Digital Advertising Display screen with a built-in HD media player. Simply load your media onto a USB stick, plug and play. Available from 19 - 55". Optional Network connection available.

from £408.00 (inc vat)
£340.00 (ex vat)

Giant Tablet Design Interactive Digital Touch Screen Giant Tablet Design Interactive Digital Touch Screen
Digital PCAP Touch Screen Giant Tablet Display 22" - 55"

A large digital touch screen or wayfinding display perfect to encourage customer interaction. Landscape or portrait orientation available.

from £660.00 (inc vat)
£550.00 (ex vat)

10 10
10" POS Android Digital Display

10" POS Android Digital Advertising Screen Display with WIFI access. Digital display ideal for retail, hotel reception, room booking. Commercial grade screen for 24/7 use

from £276.00 (inc vat)
£230.00 (ex vat)

Meeting Room Booking Calendar Screen Meeting Room Booking Calendar Screen
Meeting Room Booking Calendar Screen - Workplace Scheduling

An interactive meeting room screen designed for workplaces and offices to display meeting room calendar and allow for ad-hoc meetings to be booked on the spot.

£868.74 (inc vat)
£723.95 (ex vat)

High Vibrance Digital Advertising Screen High Vibrance Digital Advertising Screen
High Vibrance Android Advertising Screens 43" - 55"

High vibrance android wayfinding digital screens. Perfect for internal application in brightly lit areas. Available as Plug and Play system or with Network CMS Connection

from £906.00 (inc vat)
£755.00 (ex vat)

Digital PCAP Floorstanding Touch Screen Digital PCAP Floorstanding Touch Screen
Freestanding Digital PCAP Touch Screen Posters - 50" - 55"

Freestanding Digital Touch Screens with PCAP touch. Designed for 24/7 commercial use and housing an android media player. Perfect for customer interaction.

from £2,796.00 (inc vat)
£2,330.00 (ex vat)

4K Interactive Touch Screen Whiteboard 4K Interactive Touch Screen Whiteboard
Interactive 4K Touch Display Whiteboard Screen with MeetingPad

A fantastic, interactive 4K touch screen interactive display with MeetingPad software, perfect for business meetings and educational settings as a digital whiteboard meeting screen.

from £1,366.80 (inc vat)
£1,139.00 (ex vat)

up to 26% off
LCD Video Wall Displays LCD Video Wall Displays
LCD Video Wall Display 49" or 55"

LCD Video Wall Display Screens. Automatic tilling of the screens to create one image, brackets for wall mounting, super narrow bezel. Available with either 49" or 55" screen sizes

from £532.80 (inc vat)
£444.00 (ex vat)

Super Slim Digital Advertising Poster Display Super Slim Digital Advertising Poster Display
Superslim Double Sided Freestanding Poster Display Screens

Our Superslim Double Sided Freestanding Digital Display Screens are ultra modern and packed with incredible features. Perfect for wayfinding, advertising and use in retail environments.

from £3,204.00 (inc vat)
£2,670.00 (ex vat)

Giant 65 Giant 65
65" Giant Slimline Freestanding 4K Digital Screen Poster

A giant 65" Freestanding 4K Digital Advertising Display Screen poster. Optional Network upgrade available. Digital Wayfinding options available

from £4,290.00 (inc vat)
£3,575.00 (ex vat)

Digital screen with vinyl logo
Digital Screen Vinyl Logo Branding

Add personalised branding to your digital screen with our vinyl logo printing service!

from £66.00 (inc vat)
£55.00 (ex vat)

Digital Screen Poster Digital Screen Poster
Freestanding Android Digital Screen Posters - 50" - 55"

Freestanding Digital Screen Posters. Designed for 24/7 commercial use and housing an android media player. Available in 50, 55

from £2,298.00 (inc vat)
£1,915.00 (ex vat)

Network Media Player Network Media Player
Network Media Players

A selection of network media players from available in HD or 4K to transform almost any TV into a digital signage display.

from £396.00 (inc vat)
£330.00 (ex vat)

Double Sided Ultra High Brightness Window Screen Double Sided Ultra High Brightness Window Screen
Ultra High Brightness Double Sided Digital Poster Advertising Screen

A ceiling handing, double sided digital advertising screen with optional floor stand. Ultra high brightness panel, perfect for use in windows and viewable in direct sunlight.

from £3,270.00 (inc vat)
£2,725.00 (ex vat)

Ultra Wide Stretch Digital Screens Ultra Wide Stretch Digital Screens
Ultra Wide Digital Stretch Screen Displays

Incredible ultra-wide stretch digital screen displays available in 3 sizes with 4K or HD displays. Perfect for directional signage, hotels, and retail displays

from £900.00 (inc vat)
£750.00 (ex vat)

DV-LED Totem Screen DV-LED Totem Screen
Freestanding DV-LED Totems

Benefit from the stunning visuals direct view LED's offer with this versatile freestanding totem on castor wheels! Our LED technology allows for multiple displays to be connected to create extra large displays!

from £1,998.60 (inc vat)
£1,665.50 (ex vat)