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E-Paper Power Options

Papercast® e-paper displays are designed with energy efficiency in mind and only consume power when content is being updated.  There are several options available when powering these e-paper displays:

SOLAR POWER: Papercast E-Paper Displays can be powered by solar energy using either 20W or 40W solar modules. Solar power is a sustainable and environmentally friendly option, making it ideal for outdoor installations to create an environmentally friendly display, or where access to mains electricity is limited or impractical.

LONG BATTERY LIFE: Another power option for Papercast E-Paper Displays is a long-life non-rechargeable battery module. This battery module is designed to last for at least 3 years, providing a reliable power source without the need for frequent maintenance. It is particularly useful in locations where power supply is intermittent or unreliable.

HARDWIRED MAINS ELECTRICITY: If you have access to a reliable mains electricity source, you can choose to hardwire the Papercast E-Paper Display directly into the power supply. This option ensures a continuous power supply and eliminates the need for battery replacements or solar charging.

STREET LIGHTING POWER: In certain situations, Papercast E-Paper Displays can be powered using existing street lighting infrastructure. By tapping into the electrical grid that powers the street lights, you can leverage this source of energy to operate the display. This option provides a convenient and cost-effective solution for outdoor locations where street lighting is available.

ETHERNET CABLE POWER: An alternative power option for Papercast E-Paper Displays is to use an ethernet cable for power supply. By connecting the display to a power-over-ethernet (PoE) switch or injector, you can power the device through the same cable that transmits data. This method simplifies installation and reduces the need for separate power cables.

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